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Hi guys, i got a nema 17 stepper motor and plug it to my arduino mega directly and load the codes, but it dosen`t works  :smiley-confuse: 

Done a few researching on google and found out that i need to use a stepper motor driver to control my nema 17 stepper motor 4 wire

which i found out it is bipolar.

Heres the specification

Nema 17 Motor

Step Angle: 1.8
DC 1.68 A/Phase

While i done some researching but still puzzled weather to use
A)Big easy stepper motor driver  (cost more)

which drive out 2A or 1.4A phase


B) Easydriver stepper motor (cost less)

which has Adjustable current control from 150mA/phase to 750mA/phase

Pros out there please help advise, i really don`t wanna buy the wrong one

I am using a arduinomega2560 btw  :smiley-razz:


The Thread stepper motor basics may be helpful.

If you want the full motor torque you need to supply the motor with its rated current. With your 1.68A motor that means a BigEasydriver or the equivalent Pololu A4988 or the slightly higher current Pololu DRV8825. You will probably need a heatsink on the driver board.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Are you asking if a 0.75A driver is good enough for a 1.68A motor?  Then its obviously "no"

Are you asking if a 1.68A motor will work at 0.75A then the answer is "yes, but a lot less
torque and speed will be available".

A question for you:  What do you want to do with the motor - ie how fast do you want
it to spin?  What torque do you need?
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