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im working on a project,
in my project i need to connect two or more bluetooth devices at same time
is there is any possibility to connect multiple bluetooth devices same time,
if so how i can connect those devices
i'm using arduino uno and hc 05 bluetooth module

plz help me friends

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same problem from my side ,the only difference is that i hav been working to communicate two computers by using two arduinos and two bluetooth modules.
inorder to connect multiple BT modules at a time why cant u use multiplexers or deultiplexers.


Bluetooth is designed to pair (1 to 1) with another device so you can only connect one master to one slave at a time with these modules. You could maybe un-pair the master and connect to a different slave but you will have lost connection from first slave device until you re-connect to it again. Only one slave at a time IFAIK
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thank you every one but i have to try it if any one can help me plz help...... :(  :(  :(


hi, if u having trouble in making  into AT mode of HC-05 (ZS-040)(especiall if one having en/wakeup up pin instead of key pin) and trouble in transfering data between two hc05 module . Follow they bellow procedure
Power off HC-05 module.
Press and hold small button above EN pin.
Power on and keep pressing small button.
Small LED should start to blink slowly about once every 2 seconds.

for more info  visit below site:

another good reference for making it into master mode is here:

aftermaking connection if you stuck in transmitting data from one module to another see below:

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