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I am a newbie to arduino and c programming

I have just purchased an arduino due and MPU-6050 6-axis accel/gyro sensor.

My background is website development in php but other than that I have no programming knowledge outside of php.  I have got the sensor working using the i2cdevlib and a bit of tinkering with the library.  My problem is that I don't really understand how the library accesses the registers from the i2c communications and I would like to understand how this works.  I have never had to use bytes etc.

I don't want to have to read through the whole learning c from scratch tutorials as I already have a basic grasp of control structures etc.

Can somebody please suggest a good place to start.



Hi Ben,

i have the same "problem" and just wanted to push this topic up again.
a place to begin could be the buildr.org site:

but unfortunately i could not reach the breakthrough yet.i modified the "FreeSixIMU.cpp" a little bit, but i only get gibberish data out of it...

if anybody could help to get this thing running with the Due, it would be greatly appreciated!

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