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Hey i am sorry for reposting but i need to know how to connect this LCD display with my Arduino Uno because i needed for a project for my job and i am kind-a new to Arduino.Here is the datasheet:

Displaytech Ltd LCD MODULE 162B SERIES Version : 1.2 P.9 of 17
Pin NO. Symbol Level Description
1 A --- Backlight anode
2 K --- Backlight cathode
3 VSS 0V Ground
4 VDD 5.0V Supply voltage for logic
5 VO --- Input voltage for LCD
6 RS H/L H : Data signal,  L : Instruction signal
7 R/W H/L H : Read mode, L : Write mode
8 E H, H ® L Chip enable signal
9 DB0 H/L Data bit 0
10 DB1 H/L Data bit 1
11 DB2 H/L Data bit 2
12 DB3 H/L Data bit 3
13 DB4 H/L Data bit 4
14 DB5 H/L Data bit 5
15 DB6 H/L Data bit 6
16 DB7 H/L Data bit 7

Thank you very much for my patience and sorry again for reposting !! :]

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