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:( I just purchased an Arduino UNO from Radio Shack. I am reading your book "Getting Started with Arduino". I downloaded the software to my PC Windows 7 Ultimate. I created the sketch as indicated in the book Page 31 but the led does not change on and off rate.  I changed the on and off to 2 on 6 off but it blinks the same.

HELP! Manny from Puerto Rico

//This my first sketch on Arduono
//This sketch will light a LED on and off
//Every eight seconds.

const int LED = 13; // LEDE connected to
                    //digital pin 13
void setup()

void loop()
  digitalWrite(LED,HIGH);  //Turns the led on
  delay(2000);           //Waits for 2 seconds
  digitalWrite(LED,LOW);  //Turns the LED OFF


mannypac,  I ran the code on my Uno and it lit the led for 2 seconds, then turned it off for 6.  Are you sure you uploaded your changes to the board after you made the changes?


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