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Hello everyone, to start off I know nothing about writing code I just copy and paste he he. Anyhoo I've got this old dj controller and the drivers are windows Xp out dated. It has this 40 pin cypress chip I'd like to replace with a 40 pin teensy and make it class compliant plug and play kinda thing. If someone could tell me if this is possible that would be cool, if someone would write out the code for me to just copy and paste I'd give you my first born child he he and give you credit every time I shared this fix with the millions of people who want a fix for this great yet worthless controller. Here's the link to the ic data sheet https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwO_...FZqZzA/preview and its for the mixman dm2. I really just want to see this work because it would mean that a really cheap, professional Dj controller for the taking. Consider it a  diy dj controller because besides this cypress chip its looks like typical I/O so its a diy project already wired up and cased for you. and heres why this chip is such a pain in the butt http://www.cypress.com/?app=forum&id=167&rID=65800 But I could be wrong anyhoo thanks a lot guys and gals


Anything is possible.

Can you write the firmware for the chip, and not least, a new driver for the PC ? If no, forget the project and move along...

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