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Hello everyone. Me and a friend were thinking about building a robot, and I was just wondering if the Talon Speed Controller's would work good with Arduino. We were also wondering about the Victor 888, and the Jaguar controllers.

Link to:
Talon Speed Controller
Jaguar Motor Controller
Victor 888 Motor Controller


Or would there be any way of getting a Tetrix DC Motor Controller working with Arduino? I am pretty sure they work with I2C, and reading on the Playground a bit, the Uno R3 has I2C. We have a bunch of the Tetrix motor controllers, so if we could get those working, that would be awesome!


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I've got a Talon working with my Leonardo using the servo Sweep example. I also tried it with the Jaguar with much success! You may need to calibrate the speed controller but to do that you must write a code which sets the limits for a little over one second each. Here's the calibration loop I used:


void loop()

This is assuming your servo object is named "servo," of course.

Let me know how this works out.

PS: also, does anyone know how to input something like a USB joystick and read an axis with the arduino?


Thanks for confirming that the Talon and the Jaguar controllers work with Arduino. I kind of figured they would, as well as Victors.


De nada! I haven't tried a victor yet but I figure with the right calibration, they'd work as well.


Arn't these controllers just PWM?


Yes, but they're all a special frequency of PWM. Using the default PWM for arduino, analogWrite, the arduino gives out a 50hz PWM signal but the controllers accept something around 150hz. The servos use the same frequency so the libraries work great with the controllers.


hey so you said you can just use the servo library. how would you control speeds of a motor using a servo library? how does that work?

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