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i'm looking for ideas on how to mount DS18B20s on the wall.
I did the first switch for the bathroom as you can see in the picture.
Funny that you can see every fingerprint in the picture and makes it look like its scratched.
In real life its not.

Is it a good idea to mount the DS18B20 to metal for better reaction to temp changes?
Maybe the same frame like my switch and instead change the middle plate to copper and painting it black.


I have found that the DS18B20 reacts very quickly to changes in air temperature.  Ten second polls always show a vertical spike. This is with an encapsulated version. I guess the bare chips will be faster.


But hanging a bare chip out off the wall? lol


Mount it how you like. I don't think reaction time is something to worry about with any type.


You should look for a nice piece of "art" that is made from a heat conducting metal and connect the sensor behind it.
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Physical a "metal piece of art" would be the same as metal in the wall switch frame i made my switch from.
Except that the switch frame would look better in the bathroom then "metal art"  :D

Physical i think a box with some slots at bottom and top for airflow would be best.
I saw now that they have surface mount housings from my switch line: http://www.lichtchef.de/images/jung2/AS581ASW.jpg
But i think this will be overkill for the small DS18B20.

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