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I am aiming to implement MQTT feature on my Arduino mega 2560 board connected to a GSM/GPRS module. I do not have an Ethernet shield or a Wifly shield. Is it possible to implement this feature with a GSM/GPRS module ? Where can i get the relevant library ?

Thank you.

Nick Gammon

Please do not cross-post. This wastes time and resources as people attempt to answer your question on multiple threads.

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I am extremely sorry for that. I am new to this forum. Will take care from next time.


Any suggestion guys ?

Nick Gammon


Hmm, I'm looking to do this too. MQTT seems a bit thin on examples.

Shame the only response was "use google" :(

Nick Gammon

Evidently no-one here knows much about it. However Google has:


About 24,700 results (0.25 seconds)

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The OP might have provided a link to explain what MQTT is. Personally I haven't heard of it.


Ah OK, well for people (like me) who are interested but know nothing about it in detail, Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is a protocol defined by IBM that enables simple, low overhead messaging to be passed around a network and uses publish/subscribe principles for communication. It has been cited as an ideal method for low powered devices (such as arduino) or mobile devices to communicate with a service to get some state information or to publish a device's state. Twitter, Google and other trendy apps use this method already for pushing presence status to a device.

Jonathan Oxer (he of freetronics and SuperHouseTV fame) has indicated he thinks it is the way forward for federated home automation...

To the original poster: I have found the following resources to be interesting to Arduino projects


I hope that is of some help.


Of course for more information, you could use: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=mqtt

Nick Gammon

Very amusing, however see reply #4. :P

As the "how to use this forum" link suggests, and I know not everyone reads it, if you are going to ask a question about "help with X" it helps to provide a link to X, rather than make people who are trying to help you do extra research to even get started.

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