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I are working on a project to rework the wiring on a 61 Volkswagon Beetle to a more modern computer controlled system with a Mega driving each exterior light individually. We are doing it purely as a fun project but hopefully will be able to do some cool things and expand the scope of the project in the future.

Our goals are to
- retain the factory wiring as much as possible
- use all the factory switches
- basic functions such as
- city lighting
- running lights
- signal lights
- brake lights
- low beam
- high beam
- added functionally such as
- automatic turning on of running lights when dark
- lights stay on for a programmed amount of time after the ignition is turned off
- low voltage cut off to prevent killing the battery
- disabling the headlight of the side that's signaling
- eliminating the fender signal light and/or using the city light as signal light
- converting to LED lighting
- a mode that flashes all the lights for car shows/just for fun

Other things might be possible such as rain sensing wipers, key less ignition with push button start, generator voltage control (disabling the generator under full throttle conditions), alarm system.

So far we are prototyping on a breadboard any input or ideas are welcomed this is my first time programming anything more than simple stepper-motor and I am very interested in hearing what the good/bad parts of the code are.

We have added a 2x20 character screen with built in buttons. This will allow changes to be made on the fly like individually light brightness as well as diagnostic ability's. Also it allows some extra functionality such as enabling emergency flashers, something the 61 does not have. Also added a data logger with real time clock. We also want to convert this car to fuel injection at some point with a Megasquirt ECU so we hope to integrate CAN-BUS communication. Having the ability to monitor A/F ratio, individual head temperatures, ect. or display warnings would be really cool.

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