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Hi im looking for a temperature and humidity sensor in one or a separate sensor combination that can interface with a atmega via i2c,spi,analog and with some arduino library support if possible.It is to be used both outdoors and indoors and needs to be capable of the following:

Negative temperatures
Reasonable accurate (no more than 1°C-2°C out if possible)
Temperature resolution in centigrade of .1°C or .01°C (so i can get readings such as 24.98°C etc)
Humidity resolution of .1% would be nice(60.4% humidity etc)   

Which sensors do you recommend ?



Though it's not got the temperature resolution you require this might be a good starting point as a device to match your requirements may be a lot more expensive.
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Do you really need to measure the humidity to a resolution of 0.1%, I ask because if you do absolutely do the sensor is going to cost you a lot of money.  Maybe you could tell us what you are using the measurements for we may be able to help you on your requirements.

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