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Ok! Here is the deal. I just have connected and installed the drivers of my Arduino Uno R3 i also have uploaded a program that includes <tiny.gps> and <SoftwareSerial> the problem that I have is that now my Arduino Enviorment says that there is no serial port available. I mean the Tools/Serial Ports is grayed out and also I have checked on my device manager and I dont found my Arduino there is no Com Port in the device manager. So if somebody help fix this problem or know how to re-install the Arduino it would be much appreciated.


Hola Enrique; I think you should have at least COM and LPT1. Your UNO r3 doesn´t show up if it´s not connected.  When you plug and unplug it to the USB port you should get an audible indication that something was connected. If the drivers aren´t installed windows should open the NEW HARDWARE detected wizard and allow you to install the drivers.


I am running windows 7 and had a similar problem.  Turned out the arduino R3 was showing up as an "unknown device" in device manager.  Right clicked to get  the option to update device driver, went to the drivers folder in the ardiono program folder and clicked OK and windows sorted it out.  Now the R3 shows up in "Ports" (Com4 for me) and the serial port option in the environment is no longer grayed out.  Hope this helps.


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