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Hi again All,

We'd like to introduce you to what we hope will be a growing line of Aztec Q-kits.  The concept behind the Q-kit is to allow the customer a simple, quick and cost effective way to order a device and all the all the parts they need to support it.  We currently have Q-kits for the DS1307 RTC and the ATmega328 with more in the works.  If you have any ideas about what other Q-kits would be useful to you, let us know and we'll do our best to get them in.

Last week also we added a lot more components including some common capacitors, some MOSFETs and both stackable and regular female header kits as well as a couple of Arduino based breadboard kits   

Aztec MCU Prototyping


This is meant as constructive criticism, not bashing. I am all for more companies carrying electronics components, but some of  your component prices and shipping charges seem a bit high.  $2.50 for an LM35 PLUS $5 to ship it for a total of $7.50? I can buy an LM35 from Mouser WITH shipping for $6.20 total.  Once your shipping charges are factored in, your prices are not competitive at all.  I think if you get your shipping charges in line you would be much more successful.


Not sure that is fair.  I doubt Aztec are set up to be, or ever intend to be, the kind of place that Mouser is.  Aztec probably carry some common parts as a convenience to their customers.  For example by analogy, one would not expect to pay the same for a quart of milk at the local gas station than at the big-box grocery store, but by the same token, you might not be able to get your gas at the grocery mega-plex.  Aztec do sell things that Mouser just do not.  As for shipping, their $5.00 verses Mouser's $4.99 does not seem to be out of whack.  They both offer free hipping over $200 as well.  Even still, that cost on that LM35 not withstanding, how many people are likely to go to Mouser for a single LM35 and pay $6.20 for it?
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My point was that there are dozens of sites where someone can purchase the same items at far less cost than Aztec offers.  I used Mouser as an example because they are normally thought of as an expensive option for components, and yet they beat Aztec's price in this particular area.  If Aztec wants to succeed, the should revisit their pricing and shipping policies.  I would much rather give my money to an independent business than to a large corporation, but not when the price differential is that great (approximately 20% higher).  If I can purchase single quantities of parts cheaper than Aztec sells them for, then they need to find a new supplier for their bulk purchases.


Aztec probably carry some common parts as a convenience to their customers. 

This is exactly right.  While we can compete with Mouser on some items, we cannot in most cases and we offer components on our site as a convenience for people buying other things so that they do not have to go to another site to get a few common parts and have to pay additional shipping.  When compared other MCU enthusiast sites, our prices are very competitive (as was pointed out by DirtBiker in another thread).

Aztec MCU Prototyping

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