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Hi Lefty,
I learnt my computing on a LEO II using 5 hole punched tape for programming and input 50 years ago!! So its in my nature to automatically use all the memory optimisation that I can.

I'm not using the String class to avoid the known bug, just Char[] arrays. The text for the Client.print, File.print & Serial.print all use the F macro for fixed text and I'm using integer arithmatic in all but 2 sums. memfree() is reporting 650 bytes of sram free at the worst part of the programme on every cycle, as such I don't appear to have a memory leak so something else must be happening.

I don't want to tear the libraries apart and reverse engineer them unless I have to. I just want the project to run as an embeded system, trouble free for the next 25 years!!!


So any suggestions as to which serial monitor I can leave running for days would be welcome.

What operating system is the PC running?
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If you want to see if the issue is the serial monitor or the arduino code, defeat the auto reset of the arduino with a capacitor or resistor. That way you can use the serial monitor to check the arduino output without reseting the arduino. 
Consider the daffodil. And while you're doing that, I'll be over here, looking through your stuff.   8)

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