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Hi Folks,
I would like to build a plant watering system from for some potplants on my balcony.  I know there are various products/existing projects out there that I am sure I will use parts from but I want to do mine from scratch to use as a learning exercise.

My plan is for the following configuration:

On the Baclony:
- Arduino Uno (as I already have one)
- Moisture, Light and Temperature sensors
- Solenoids for valves (using gravity rather than pumps for water)
- Solar charging Shield
- Wifi Shield (maybe)

My thoughts behind the Wifi shield is to setup  some sort of witchcraft on my server to allow the me to have a web interface to read the sensors and maybe alter some variables.  Data logging would also be pretty sweet.
The server/wifi thing is mostly what I need advice on, what would be a good workflow for creating this interface?

Thanks in advance



can i name it Weeduino?  :D


I would like to build a plant watering system from for some potplants on my balcony. 

I think he meant potted plants.

Right lucid? Just say yes.  :)


You got it Modeller, potted plants.  Basil, Oregano, Mint, Rosemary and Thyme to be exact.
That said far be it from me to judge how others use the project!  :)


Solenoids and WiFi make me think this device is going to need a significant power supply. Have you worked out how big the photo voltaic panel needs to be to power this lot? Would it be feasible to keep the electronics inside and just take a few cables out through a door/window?


That's a good point, I'll look into the power consumption.  I could always run a power lead or "re purpose" a light fitting I guess.

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