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Hi, guys

i am developing a project. I am seeking for resources. I want to use the below mentioned SIM which has 3.7 v as operational voltage.
i want suggestions from you guys that which  battery best suits to run this GSM at low power. I am looking for Low powered GSM, if you guys have any info. about low power GSM module, please let me know.

so battery in my minds are:
# Lipo or
# Li-ion or
# Alkaline batteries or
# AA+ or
# AAA batteries.

please help me selecting a good low power pair of GSM and battery!
or even can i use coin cell to power GSM as coin cell of 3.6 V are there like LIR2032 and so on.



even can i use coin cell to power GSM

If you have a really, really big coin cell battery, sure.

GSM shields are not low power things.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


then any other GSM module with low power ratings.
which i can run on batteries?



Is weight an issue and how often and for how long are you going to be using the GSM modem? The high power consumption on these things is during transmit so sending one short SMS per day has a much different power consumption to handling several minutes of voice comms per hour.

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