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Holy sweet mother of god, 700 give me a perfectly cyclic stream of data, i dont know how to thank you man, this saved me.

ALTHOUGH, the upper range on my data is still above the correct value by around 0.5V which baffles me honestly.

Well if you lack or fail to understand the fundementals involved in waveform sampling, you may stumble across something that works but you will not have learned anything worth remembering. But again it's your project and your goals. ;)



The sad part is im a 3rd year electronics student hahaha.

I think i may know why my upperrange values are off, i have to go to class now but i will post later to report if my theory was correct.


I think i may know why my upperrange values are off

I would suspect that either your analog reference is inaccurate, or your arithmetic is flawed (perhaps a rounding error).

I suggest you connect a known constant DC voltage and see whether the analog reading give you the correct value and then whether your arithmetic produces the correct voltage for that input value.
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