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Hello wonderful people

I have been advised to cross-post this problem in the Installation a T-shooting forum area.

Its about Colorduino and Uno / Leonardo error - which I have researched but found no answers that help.
avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

If you could take a look I'd be most greatful - its not long:

thanks so much



Hello all,

I wonder if anyone might know how i can fix this darn sync problem with my Colorduino and Leonardo / Uno....

still not getting any joy which is a major bummer

Louis Davis

When connecting the UNO to your Colorduino, you are using the UNO's serial connection to program the Colorduino.

That is why you need to remove the 328 from the UNO or keep the UNO in reset while you are using the UNO's serial connection to program the Colorduino.

From what I could find on the internet, it looks like the Colorduino is programmed with the Duemilanove bootloader, so you need to select Duemilanove as the board type in the IDE when uploading to the Colorduino.

Refer to these instructions for further help on the proper connections between the UNO and the Colorduino:

Since the Leonardo uses a different type of USB serial interface, you will not be able to use the Leonardo to program you Colorduino.



Louis you are a true true gentleman!!!!

it was the bit about selecting duemilianove to program the colorduino.
my friend you have made me a happy man.

thanks to EVERYONE for their help.
Now i have to work out how to program the thing.

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