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I was be able to send file (image,text) from laptop to my arduino and saved it to sd. But the transfer rate is VERY slow. it's like 100KB file took almost 10 minutes (how much more for MB files?).I'm using bluetooth module (SPP supported only) by the way.

I just like to know if there's a possibility to make this transfer rate faster like the normal phone to phone transmission.

              I> By using FTP supported Bluetooth module?(If yes, how is it connected to arduino?)
              I> or impossible because of the MCU? (because of the "byte by byte only" reading of arduino?)

Any idea is a great help.


Any idea is a great help.

I have an idea. Post your code.
I have another idea. Post a link to the hardware you are using.

Why not just stick the SD card in the PC and transfer the file, then put it back in the Arduino?

What is the Arduino supposed to do with a 100KB file, anyway?
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Using analog inputs and write that to the SD card has been optimized a lot by some people.
But using a serial bluetooth and write that to the SD card will always be slow.

The Arduino is used to connect with sensors and buttons and lights. For processing large amounts of data you better use a PC or the Raspberry Pi.

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