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I've been having lots of success with my LCD screens and I've been using the LCD backpack exclusively. Everything all good there...

until, something happened in my project and the screen wasn't displaying properly.... I compared it against another LCD with backpack and turns out my original BackPack burned out... So then I connected the original LCD the classic way and it's displaying info properly however the back light does not shine!!

I tested the Backlight LED with my meter and it slightly turns on with the DMM set to Diode test...

I know that in the LiquidTWI.h you have to specify for the Backlight to turn on... but in the classic set up I don't see anything like this?

Did I not get the memo? Or is it most likely the LCD screen?

Thanks in advance.


Did I not get the memo?

Apparently not, or you would have posted some code in this forum.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


never mind... if I could delete my post I would.

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