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Hi, I tried to search for an existing topic but could not find anything.

If a stepper motor has to start on a specific angle when starting up Arduino but has been powered off at random angle, is there a way to ensure the start angle is always the same? Like start position? Servos for example are always controled by degrees, but not steppers.
I was thinking about using EEPROM or is there another way? I hope you guys understand what I mean.



The stepper motor in a flatbed scanner and inkjet printers use often a switch or optical switch to determine the start position. So they return to the start position after power up. That is a way to be sure about the position.

You could store the current angle into EEPROM, but you have to store it even during motion. That causes a lot of EEPROM writes.
What happens if someone pushes the stepper motor a litter further if the power is off ?

Or you could use a sensor that tells the angle of the steppermotor. But I don't know what kind of sensor you could use, it depends on how the steppermotor is used.

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