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Author Topic: Thinkpad supervisor password read /clear  (Read 2499 times)
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This script reads the supervisor password from the i2c eeprom (ATMEL 24RF08) in thinkpad laptops
in case of an encrypted password (passphrase set) the password can be cleared. (write to eeprom, last resort only!!)
There is tons of information about this on the web.
The missing piece was how to clear a password: just write 0x00 to all 16 password bytes.
Find the eeprom location of your laptop on those pages and connect some wires to it.

The hex dump can be imported into the program IBMPass to create a standard dump like the ones from the parallelport readers.

The eeprom is powered by 3.3V so use a voltage converter or power your arduino with 3.3V
This can be done easily with 2 arduino boards.
You can try using normal 5V but this can trash the mainboard.

Allways make a dump of the eeprom before attempting to clear the password!!!
Any damage to your device is your own fault.

I used it with a T40 and a X201.

Good luck

* thinkpadEepromReader.ino (11.43 KB - downloaded 193 times.)

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