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Mar 27, 2013, 08:31 pm Last Edit: Apr 08, 2013, 09:48 pm by P18F4550 Reason: 1
Yes their chucking these things out at £1 so I thought it had to be worth it for a quid,
after cracking it open i was supprised to find an FM/AM chip inside controlled by a 2 wire interface, I will probe it tonight but im guessing (hoping) it might be i2c, better still, the chip is already on a daughterboard, and they labelled the pinout, how thoughtful of them

I've established the radio chip is at address 0x80

Now to play

It Seems i may have made an error, according to the datasheet the i2c address is 0x80 not 0x40 and the annaliser show's , maybe i set the sample rate wrong



@ seadanzig,
Not really, i've had alot of family commitments and been unable to tinker with it, but tonight i did buy another radio because the chip on the first one was covered in silicon gunk, this one isn't.

The chip is marked BK1088 and the datasheet is http://aitendo3.sakura.ne.jp/aitendo_data/product_img/radio/BK1088/BK1086-88%20Datasheet%20v1.0.pdf

So i will be studying that tonight and hopefully make a bit of progress over the next few days


Thats cool im new to all this. Is that a logic analyser your using?


Hi All,

I don't have much experience with i2c and would be most gratefull if someone could answer this question

when writing to one register I do this?
Code: [Select]
  Wire.write(0x06);    // reg to write to
  Wire.write(0x00);    // highbyte
  Wire.write(0xb5);    // lowbyte

when writing to a number of registers one after the other I do this?
Code: [Select]
unsigned int testFM[]=
0x80, 0x00,  // Reg 0x00
0x10, 0x80,  // Reg 0x01....
... code cut to save space .....
0x00, 0x00,  // Reg 0x27
0x44, 0x00,  // Reg 0x28
0xff  //end

  int i=0;
  Wire.write(0x00);   // start at address 0
  while(testFM[i] != 0xff)
    Wire.write(testFM[i]);      // send highbyte
    Wire.write(testFM[i+1]);  // send lowbyte


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