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I just ordered my 1st Arduino board off of eBay and am waiting for it to arrive :)

in the meantime i am looking into what i can use it for :D i like the servo controller ideas and many others i have seen on this site and other Arduino sites :D

cant wait to try things out.. gonna be prepping my breadboard, making jumper wires, and borrowing my servos from my RC plane :)

is there a way of driving a stepper motor directly from the Arduino? as i cannot get hold of any extra components at this time :(



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in theory you can drive a stepper motor directly from four Arduino pins, but since each pin can only source 40mA at 5V it would probably be impossible to find a steppermotor that you can actually drive directly.

So put lots of components on your Xmas list :-)

Stuff you would want to have around:

an assortment of resistors in common values
an assortment of capacitors in common values
some small signal diodes
some power diodes (for motor stuff)
some LED's
a handfull of potentiometers in different values
different switches an push buttons
Hookupwire in various colors
a breadboard with jumper wires is good as well
and depending on what you want to do with the Arduino board different IC's for multiplexing in/out puts, driving manyLED's, driving stepper or DC motors or whatever

It doesen't have to be very expensive.

Good luck with the Arduino board


Thanks I'll look into it :)

i got a few bits an my components box, and harvested stuff from other things.. i just wanna get used to the thing b4 i go gung-ho with it :D


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Sounds clever.  I am working on a homebuilt analog modular synth http://mikmo.dk/synthstate.html so i have already gone way beyond gung-ho when we are talking about  stocking components  ;D


I just salvaged a MC14049UBPC chip, along with a few other bits, from an old Velleman metronome kit (from Maplin UK), and looking for the data sheets online i found it can be used for driving stepper motors :)

So i should be able to use it in tandem with my Arduino :D

gonna experiment with the schematics i have to make sure it runs ok tho. :)


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Oh my god its taking too long to get here :( i want to make things and i cant wait for the Arduino to arrive  :'(

why is it taking so long :( (hope its here tomorrow)

{Edit} YaY its here :D (runs off to warm up soldering iron :P )

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