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I am not aware if there is a Houston group, but there should be.
I am on the West side of Houston, always tinkering with Arduino, and would like the chance to meet with other Arduino project creators. 


Hello. I live in Rosenberg and am just getting into Arduino. Need a lot of help and guidance and would love to join a group. Willing to travel anywhere in the Greater Houston area. Even to Austin or Collage Station.


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That's two of us!  Anyone else care to join.
What project are you working on fdastoor?   
(I don't get email notifications, so sometimes it takes a couple days for me to reply)


sorry for delay in reply. I am just starting to learn the language.

I make wooden models [Musicians] that are powered by a simple 3 volt Dc motor [can use a servo if needed].

I want to be able to get 5-6 models to work together as a group to simulate a small band. Also want to add music.

don't have a clue s to how to do it in programming

Thinking of using Arduino with a couple of Adafruit motor shields and also a wav file or MP3 file shield.

but programming is the issue - and hence i am trying to learn


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