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What's a 16th note?  You working in some strange scale?

Here's all the percentages of each note up/down from a base note (A440 in this case): http://www.mixxx.org/wiki/doku.php/pitch_percentages_for_semitones_and_notes

The closest difference is around a 3%.

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It's unlikely to change 0.5% between successive notes in a song, may change
over minutes if the temperature changes. But you can "just do it", and test
it yourself in a few minutes.


16th are time divisions, not pitch.

While you say to "just do it", measuring timing accuracy isn't that straightforward.. How would you do it?


I meant if you're wanting to play music, just play it and see how it sounds. I
doubt the resonator timing will be an issue.


I wanted to follow up on this.  I got myself another UNO board and the resonator on it is off by approx 350hZ.  This isn't allot, but it's a far cry from my first board that is only  about 50hZ off.  The serial numbers of the boards are pretty close, so I guess it was just a fluke that my first board had such an accurate resonator on it.  Resonator jitter doesn't seem to be an issue, but temperature variations are allot greater than with a crystal.  I'd still like to see a user mod option to route the USB crystal signal over to the mega chip by cutting a trace and installing a solder blob short.
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