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Author Topic: Thermistors for temperature readings  (Read 343 times)
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Hi all,

I'm new to the Arduino and have just being playing around with Thermistors to monitor temperature.

I've been using this great guide by Adafruit:-

Though was wondering if it is possible to use this sketch for multiple thermistors? e.g A0-A5 being used as inputs

Any help with how to alter the final sketch using the steinhart equation would be greatly appreciated 

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definitely possible.

You need to write a function that do the conversion from analog value to temperature

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Several things, There was a discussion, several of them as a matter of fact about to manage a thermistor you should find all you need here in the forum, Y\ou might search and read them.
There is a guy name of PH Anderson who has a web page here: I think that all your questions are answered there, including a table of  values for calibration.


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