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The Cosa CosaBenchmarkPins.ino has been successfully built within the new UECIDE with Cosa library located in libraries..


Great job! Thanks for testing that. Appreciate any feedback from the port to UECIDE. Read some of the dialogue in the topic above. And there seems to be some alternative installation strategy i.e. Cosa as a core instead of within the Arduino core.

As Cosa has grown build speed is becoming vital. I see that this has been discussed and is being addressed. Hope that a solution will soon be available also for the Arduino IDE.



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A new Cosa blog post is available. It is an introduction to the Cosa 1-Wire device driver support. The example sketch is a simple DS1990A iButton reader.




If you ever think about porting it to LPCs (122x especially) let me know.


What LPC122X development board/environment would you recommend? The hardware resources in the LPC122X have much in common with the ATmega so this might be of interest later on this fall.

The current Cosa project backlog top five are:

  • SR (74HC595) LCD IO driver

  • LCD menu system

  • Sensor driver framework and some additional sensors 9-10DOF, etc

  • Next increment on the Socket and NRF24L01+ driver

  • Socket/Ethernet driver



What LPC122X development board/environment would you recommend?

I can't compare them because I've only used one, that being the LPCXpresso board and IDE (Eclipse-based). I'm well happy with both, the boards cost 20 Euro and the IDE is free for C, not for C++ although I believe it's easy enough to use it for C++, just not as turnkey as one might like.

I reckon the LPC1227 is roughly equivalent to the Mega1284, both are "just right" in terms of features IMO.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


BTW, LPC11xx, LPC11Uxx, LPC12xx, LPC13xx are similar, and there is almost no difference at c source level with drivers. I've been toying with lpcxpresso 1343 and 11U14. For the purpose of Cosa port you may consider all the same (maybe except USB and DMA stuff). All have got an uart bootloader in a rom, plus other drivers there (it depends on the model).

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