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I have a 1.8 SPI TFT also from ebay, but my problem is that I have a 16pin pcb.

This is exactly the one I have. You can use the wiring table above.
The mega requires slightly different wiring, because the hardware SPI is on different pins. Just read the comments in the adafruit example sketch, it is explained there.

Can you test the example sketch? Do you experience the same issue than me?



Thanks for your reply, it works rewired!
Here is my wiring with arduino mega:
Mega pin     Arduino pin     TFT  module Pin
8                   8 rst              6  rst
9                   9 dc               7 A0
10                 10 cs             10 cs
51                 11 mosi          8  SDA
52                 13 sclk           9 SCK

But I have another question: how will my SD card work with this wiring? Since he sd card has a different set of pins (it works with it):
TFT            Mega
11 SCK        51 SCK
12 Miso       50 miso
13 Mosi       52 mosi
14 CS          53 SS

So my problem here, is that
- TFT pins 8 (SDA) and 13 (Mosi) should be connected both to mega pin 52.
- TFT pins 9 (SCK) and 11 (SCK) should be connected both to mega pin 51

So what to do with this? Should I wire it like this? Or how?

And another thing: should I use the standard SD fat32 library with this TFT? Or any other?

Thanks for your help!



Thanks for your reply, it works rewired!

Youre wellcome!
Does the background flicker?

I dont know how to use the SD card, never tried that. Please open another thread for this.


I run both tft and sdcard. Just connect miso/mosi/sckl in parallel except /cs (so you need a /cs for the sdcard and the second /cs for tft).
Be aware the signals to the sdcard go via 1kohm resistors - this might be an issue with very high speeds (not an issue with arduino, however :) ).


By the 1kohm resistors you mean the PCB has them? I know it.

And a dumb question: Ho can I wire paralell the miso/mosi/sck in a prototype board?


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