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Hi there, I'm not sure what I did, but something happened to my UNO board and now the computer does not recognize the board anymore when I plug it into the USB. I've read in other articles here that for all practical purposes my board is dead.

As an additional note, when I press and release the RESET button on the board, the LED on pin 13 flashes 3 times - and still nothing happens. At no point in time does the board get recognized via USB.

So my next question is: is there any way to salvage the board, or parts thereof? I heard some people try to order a new chip, etc. but have mixed results. I have no problem getting a new board, but it feels such a shame to throw away the high quality board if it can be salvaged somehow

Any help and advice will be appreciated!

- K.


Sounds like the USB-to-Serial part isn't working.  You can try to re-flash the firmware (Google for Arduino DFU) or you can use an external USB-to-Serial adapter (Google for FTDI Cable).
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