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Hello Guys,

I have a full running arduino UNO rev3 + SD card Logger from ladyada with a 16Gigabyte SD card. and i want to connect to sensors Lm35s with a range -55 to 150 degrees, and a ACS709 Current sensor and a Voltage devider 40 to 5V for the analog input.

so this brings me to the total of 4 pins just for the 2 lm35s. + the current sensor and Voltage sensor (which i fool the arduino with saying that 5V--> 40V), i hope everybody is following all of this. brings me up to 6 sensor pins which i definitely need. i found out about the Software Realtimeclock and tinkered with it to get it running in my program and it works, which leaves me the 2 pins A4 and A5 free.

so i measured the A4 and A5 pins and still there is a voltage on it... which i dont like. so how do i stop the I2C communication. i tried pulling out the DC1307 and the Battery but to no avail.

how do i stop the I2C bus? and keep it free for my sensors?

sincerly yours



Don't include wire.h, and don't call Wire.begin()
Perhaps the libraries use them ?
You have to remove the DS1307 part from your code.


I commented it at first but now i removed all the library code for the RTC, the code in the setup and in the void loop. but still i get a Positiv voltage 5.07V on both of the pins A4,A5.

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