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I am a newbie in AVR series microcontrollers. With the help of my usbasp programmer, AVR Studio & Extremeburner I can write & burn programs in the ATMEGA8. Now I want to try some Arduino sketches to be programmed in a fresh ATMEGA8 (8MHz internal oscillator set ) with the help of my existing USBasp serial programmer.

The resources I have...
1. Usbasp hardware
2. Fresh ATMEGA8 with internal oscillator set @ 8 MHz
3. Arduino software 1.0.3

What should I do now..? Iam trying to test some simple Arduino projects & learn the Arduino programming.
The arduino software is not being installed after clicking the Application icon. It only shows the Arduino logo & suddenly disappears.

Kindly help me find the way.

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Nightcrawler, that is a new question, you should have started a new topic.

The hardware has to be Arduino compatible, or you have to add your own hardware to a file (boards.txt or something like that).

The Arduino NG with ATmega8 is using 16MHz, so you are not compatible with that.

So you have no choice but to edit the boards.txt and add your own board.
After that you can write the bootloader or write a sketch without bootloader using the programmer.

Why don't you buy a real Arduino board ? For example a Arduino Uno. That solves all your problems at once (voltage regulator, ATmega328P, usb-serial connection, bootloader, and so on).


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