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I have a few solar panels/cells lying around that I've gotten from a pack of solar powered garden lights.

The marking on the back of the panels say: Excell EXC53.5*53.5
However I'm not sure if the last "L" in Excell is part of the name or just a graphic part of the logo. The last "L" has two rays coming out of it. The numbers are consistent with the panel/cell size in millimetres.

Anyways I can't find any datasheets for the given info, so before I go fry anything, is there a way to get the absolute maximum ratings for current and voltage?

Any other tips that might be useful when working with unknown hardware would also be useful.


If you have a digital meter you can messure the voltage and the short circuit current in full light. That is as far as i remember the two values normally associated wit a solar cell.


Ok, so I basically have to wait for the sun to come by before I can get some decent numbers from the panel? If that's the case I would have to wait till spring or something ;).

And correct me if I'm wrong but to measure the short circuit current I would have to connect the multimeter positive probe to + and the ground/negative probe to - on the panel (just like measuring voltage).


If you don't have any sun, of what use is a solar panel?


If you don't have any sun, of what use is a solar panel?

I think the OP is mostly just curious.

To OP:
In theory, you could put it under a bright lamp to simulate the sun, but it won't be quite the same as the sun itself.

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