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hello fellow arduinoids.

i have a arduino Uno, and a ladyada SD Shield with a Realtime clock on it that communicates on the pins A4,A5.

but now i changed the code using the Software realtime clock and am logging it without using the pins A4,5. the question is how do i stop the communication on the pins A4, A5? so that i can use them as analog inputs.?

secondly i removed all the code about wire.h and the rtc 1307, including the void loop and in the void setup(). but still after uploading i get 5.06V on the pins A4, and A5.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


You really can't with the Data Logging Shield. 

The problem is the pull-up resistors on A4 an A5 that are required by I2C devices.  The pull-ups are 2.2 K resistors connected to 5 V.

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