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I'm powering an Arduino Nano with an external 10v regulated supply.   How much current can be supplied by the onboard 5v regulator?  I'd like to use the 5v pin to power a small circuit.  How much current will the 5v pin supply?  I can't seem to find the answer....  Thanks.


Voltage regulator can supply 500 mA.

I'm estimating here, but if allocate some for the chip, the power LED and USB thingy (technical term, I know), add some margin of error... that leaves you with, I'd say, 400 mA of usable current, unless all that has to pass through the chip, in which case I have no idea.


The Nano's regulator uses the PCB as a heatsink, so it is really going to come down how much power can the package and the pcb dissipate before thermal shutdown.

The regulator used on the Nano is different than the Uno R3, but they appear to be the same package.  Here's some findings I had when testing the R3's regulator.
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