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Hi guys i'm designing brightness control system for indoor room using LED light room 110 vac
so am using adriono board with atmega 328 but I was thinking the only device that can give me a high current up to 1 A to light up the LED light which is 110vac but looking at " HIGH CONSTANT CURRENT LED DRIVER " DD311 which is the chip am using its datasheet is kinda confusing ffx one of the pin is for reset is conected to a squarewave input !!!

any help or advise please ?



I presume that you are referring to pin 5 EN - the output ENable pin.  The square wave that you see in the datasheet is simply referring to a PWM input on that pin to provide dimming control.  The EN pin is totally optional unless you plan to use PWM for dimming of the output.  In your case, I believe that you would connect the EN pin to the PWM output pin on your Arduino to vary the brightness of the LED.


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