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I will be implementing a single channel DAC in my current/upcoming project.

The DAC IC that I have available is the AD669;


It wants to receive a 16-bit parallel input. Fine by me, but what is the best/fastest way to do that? I can hook it up to 16 digital outputs on my Arduino Due, no problem, but maybe there are smarter options.

It would take 19 pins to drive the DAC. I need a lot of pins for the ADC's too, but I think it would be acceptable.

However, if I can use a shift register without adding "loop-time", that would be fine too.


Why not use a serial DAC instead? I'm pretty sure you can get some reasonably fast single channel ones and you might find it easier to implement. If you can't find one in a package you like then there's always the option of a breakout board.


you might use a couple of shift registers - http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ShiftOut - to control it with 3 lines.
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You could use a couple of 595 shift registers:


But by the time you have bought those you may as well buy an SPI DAC chip.


if I can use a shift register without adding "loop-time", that would be fine too.

What do you mean by loop time?

You an always use a MCP23S17, this is an SPI 16 bit port expander, that can run quite fast. How fast do you need?

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