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Hi, sorry by my English, I'm from Spain. I'm doing an sketch with a LCD ST7565 128x64,  I'm trying to use the functions "SleepON" and "SleepOff".

In the reference of U8glib this functions are avalaible since version 1.11. I'm using this constructor:

U8GLIB_DOGM128 u8g(13, 11, 10, 9, 8);

When I compiled my sketch, it appears an error: 'class U8GLIB_DOGM128' has no member named 'SleepOn'

I had search this member in all files in the library u8glib, but i dont found it.

Can you help me? Thanks.


Release 1.11 is not yet out. But I have just put another prerelease on the download page.
Let me know if the sleep function works. I added it some hours ago.




Hello Olikraus, I downloaded the version 1.11 (    u8glib_arduino_v1.11.zip ) at http://code.google.com/p/u8glib/downloads/list.

I read the news for 1.11: New release v1.11 is available for download:
Support for T6963
Support for Arduino Due
Sleep Mode
4x mode for ST7920
New C++ interface for ST7920

but i not find how i have to do for use the function sleepon and sleepoff.
I'm looking for text "sleepon" in all archives of library and I not find it.

Can you help me. Thanks.



Thanks for the hint. Procedure names are:
Code: [Select]

    void U8GLIB::sleepOn(void)
    void U8GLIB::sleepOff(void)

I will add this to the reference manual.


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