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I was getting tired of wires hanging all over the place, so I have started to clean up my prototyping system. I took a medium sized cheapo cutting board and place the adhesive solderless breadboards to it arranged around my Arduino Mega2560 so I am close to all the pins. I used a variety of sizes of the breadboards.

I also stripped off one of the buss strips of one of the longer boards since it didn't make sense to have two right next to each other. I affixed that along one edge so that I could transfer power all along the board. I have a compact little 12V/5V/3.3V/ADJ 3A power supply module coming from china here soon. That will replace the breadboard mounted supply when it gets here.

Also left to do is to cut one of the mid-sized boards down the middle and mount half to the sides (top and bottom) for stuff like pullup resistors, SIP modules, switches, etc... Basically stuff that only ever needs half a breadboard anyway. I will keep a power rail on it as well.

I am also considering wiring up the power rails underneath the breadboards for an even neater look. If I do that, I will then take another power rail and snip the the metal rails into 10 pin sections and route those to the separate boards. Then I can chose what power goes where. Finally, another trick I do to keep things clean is to trim resistors and such that are used for pullups and tuck them underneath modules. I also have these shorting jumpers (I need to remember where I got them because I need some more) that you can see all over the board. I also tuck those underneath modules for power jumpering, etc.. I have some small ones that are just right for bridging from breadboard and power strip and some really long ones. I usually rebend the longer ones for longer jumps such as when pins on the same part are connected together.

Anyway, thought you guys might get a kick out of it.


If anyone else has any suggestions or tips and tricks, I'd appreciate them. I didn't mention the little board in the one corner. It works nicely for stuff like the SD card, LCD displays, etc... I may cut that one in half as well. It's kind of wasted on stuff that only uses half anyway.

BTW, the cutting board is nice because it has a handle for carrying the whole thing around if needed. I actually have some of those portable DVD rechargeable battery backs that I picked up on major clearance. I might have to incorporate that into here somehow. Also some sort of storage for my headers and jumpers would be nice.


Made a couple more adjustments. I cut the smaller board in half, mounted some cable clips on the board for managing wires, and put some rubber feet underneath it. You can also see the energizer rechargeable battery pack in the picture. It appears to run the board while also trickle charging the battery. The battery is 9.6V, no markings on capacity, though. It was meant for powering portable DVD players, so it should be decent.

I am trying to think up a good way to have removable modules that I can plop on the board. I am thinking about taking those little boards and mounting magnets underneath them and getting some adheseive backed metal and mounting that on my board. It would be nice to have various modules that I can pop in and out easily when they are needed (Stuff like an LCD screen for example.)

Also modified some 2mm to 2.54mm adapters. These are very useful when hacking stuff since everything seems to have 2mm connectors now. I ordered some 3.3v regulators to mod my arduino's. Its a pain to have to use a level translator for everything! I realize that I may have to change the fuses to drop it to 8MHz, but supposedly these can be overclocked a bit, right? It's either going to be that or I am going to have to put together (or buy) some level translator modules. Hopefully something that won't eat up a bunch of breadboard space (Hmm, maybe I can come up with something that just bridges over my arduino to the breadboard and snaps right in?)


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