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I'd like an "under shield"... A board to sit under a standard Uno R3 (which would need pins extended downwards).

It would be larger than the R3 layout, and bring all the IO pins out to screw terminals.. preferably grouped in threes..

Each pin would have GND and +5V either side of it so that relay boards, LM35s etc could be readily connected...

I'm building a solar panel controller which will be a permanent fixture in my house....

While breaking out my temperature inputs from the top of my LCD shield works ok:

It would be so much neater to have a base board  under the Uno with the screw terminals already fitted in nice groups of three.. +5V/Signal/GND


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"Under" would be difficult, mucking with the Uno headers risks damaging the board.
I could make a screw shield to go above the Uno and allow the LCD to be plugged in while also breaking the signals and adding power/Gnd with each one.
I did that for as '1284 design (can see the signal-+5-Gnd holes in the shadows next to the headers), but with screw terminals only for signals and a few power pins. Be straightforward to add more screw terminals.


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