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Why does the IDE prompt me to save my sketch with a different name everytime I make a change
to the sketch and click "save"?  It tells me, "some files are 'read-only' and to rename the sketch". 
The previously saved sketch is NOT flagged by the OS as 'read-only' -- this is very annoying to have
to rename the sketch whenever I modify/tweak it... ???



It sounds like you're saving the sketch in an "examples" directory rather than in your sketchbook or other places.

It's a protection mechanism so you don't accidentally overwrite, eg, the "Blink" example when modifying it to blink once every five seconds.


The IDE does not do that to me.
Which folder are you saving your sketches to ?
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Good question regarding where I was saving the file.  It was started in the libraries folder...  I moved it
from the libraries folder to a separate folder in the IDE environment and it saves without the
prompt.... :smiley-red:  problem solved.... thank you!!

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