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Ok why rs232 and not rs485, you will be needing a multi drop bus for all the Nanos onto a single UNO

Are they (Nanos) responsible for triggering the lock , the LED and reading the RFID . I guess you are sending a data packet from the nanos to the UNO with the door ID and the RFID tag ID. Then expecting a response frm the NANO with a allow or deny door open command as the basic functionality

I am sure this is easily done it just needs to be broken into small manageable packets of work.

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yes the nanos are responsible for triggering the lock, the LED's and reading the RFID cards. the UNO with the LAN shield on it is a location to store the tags ID's and where to grant or deny access.

the tag info will be stored in a SQL database that can be edited over LAN

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