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Hi, assuming that reburning the bootloader did work, and considering that your first priority is to have the Arduino working ASAP, I would try different operating systems and/or PCs (and/or physical ports/cables). I understand it's not a valid diagnostic procedure, but people in this forum were sometimes successful, for reasons unknown.
As James said, your problem is probably related to serial over usb. You may want to check whether the board is seen by your os when connected and how the OS sees it (is it missing or just unrecognized?). You may want to post details about your OS, IDE version, whether the Arduino shows up in the serial port list, but don't forget to try a different system if that is possible.


Have you gone back to try and load a known working sketch like blink?
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Have you gone back to try and load a known working sketch like blink?

No, I haven't because I cant connect it to program anymore. I'm wondering if it is possible to replace that MEGA8U2 that controls the connection with the PC... As a connection is not possible using the USB. It would  probably mean that that MEGA8U2 is damaged, but maybe there are other problems involved.
I've already tried to connect in other PCs and the result was the same.


Well I don't know whether this is really feasible, but since you already know how to use an Arduino as ISP to burn the bootloader from a working Arduino to the problem Arduino, it seems it should be possible to upload your sketch through the "upload using programmer" option using Arduino ISP as the programmer. Since I never did such thing I cannot tell which are the steps to be taken. Also you would still have a nonfunctioning serial connection.

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