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you can use any of them, I would recommend eagle, since its pretty serious and there are tons of tutorials on it ... and once you learn one of the more serious ones you can pretty much use any of them with little change outside of figuring out where stuff is.

as far as missing components go, you can search the interwebs for them, or you can make a schematic symbol for them. No matter what you use its going to be missing something, thats the way it is. Parts are obsoleted every day, and manufactures are releasing new parts heavy and frequently.


How do I get around that?

With any half-decent schematic capture program you can design your own components, if you can get the data sheets for the components you are in business.

Can I use any of these programs to create a schematic of the traces and components of this board,

None of them will do it for you, but you can reverse engineer the board by looking at the traces and redrawing the circuit yourself. Just hope that it's only a 1- or 2-layer board :)

If it's 20 years old I would suggest however that physically replicating it is not the way to go, just replicate the functionality with newer hardware. But that depends on it's exact function, it may be that there are no better chips even now, especially if there's no CPU involved

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Again I suggest upverter.com.  It's far beyond being a "toy".

I'm a huge eagle user, I have one of the expensive licenses.  Upverter totally won me over with their part editor.  It's the first one I ever used that was intelligent.

The only draw back I have found is I can't work on circuits while I'm on a plane.

I'd be shocked if eagle was the pseudo-standard for more than 2 years from now.
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I would recommend DesignSpark PCB.

Its pretty easy to learn and use and you can import EagleCAD designs


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