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I think I have some breakthrough ! Apparently FTDI module I have doesn't work properly, even It use to work with other setup before ! :(
I've connected it to Prolic USB/COM adapter and data is coming through.... I was so positive module is ok


Nope... still messy, now I get something over serial, but what I send not what I receive over Serial1 (COM3), instead of 1 I receive g and so on....
When I switch Putty to work with Serial (COM8) it works perfect....(same settings just different COM port) WTH !? :(


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Finally!!! I got it, apparently Prolific modules doesn't work properly with Leonardo, the very first one on the picture is Prolific as well, not FTDI.
So luckily I had one actual FTDI attached to my MultiWii controller, when I've used that one - now all works!

They actually partially working , writing data from Arduino to PC was fine! But not reading! Crazy... I have no idea why it was so messy with Prolific chip based Ser/USB breakout boards, any ideas?

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