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For function [ drawBitmap(x, y, sx, sy, data [, scale]); ]  in library utft, do I put
replacing data the name of array or the data of array(all the
Hexadecimals of pixels ) ?


The type is an 'unsigned int*' so it would be an array of 16 bit data.
You want to put the name of the array.


am I put the data of array (all hexadecimals of pixels) on the same arduino program or put the file (.c) which contains the data of array on the sd card?


If you wish to use a .c file it will have to be compiled into the sketch.
You could store a binary file of the data, then using the SD library, read it into your sketch first then pass it to the drawBitmap function.

For now, include the .c file in your sketch and try that way.


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you started your talk (if you wish...), so can I  put the data of array (all hexadecimals of pixels) on the same arduino program and without using SD Card ?


Yes, it is the far easier option, to use the SD card would be far more complex. What ever library you are using most probably has a tutorial/example of bit map use.

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