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Hi all, I wrote in another thread about my Android program BTInterface (website is btinterface dot com) and I have been asked what language I used to develop it in.

I used B4a  (Basic4android) which is actually the only language specifically designed for Android!
It can do everything that Eclipse/Java can do but a whole lot quicker!, no runtimes or anything, it compiles android .apk files ready to put on to the Google Play Store.

I thought I'd let you know that I got into their affiliate program and if you purchase it I'd recommend the Enterprise version where you get updates for 2 years, because Erel, the guy who invented it keeps making it better and better, i've had about 5 updates since I started in November!

If you do purchase it then use my affiliate coupon word:


(capital F then lowercase)
You have to choose the 'Plimus' purchase option (you can use card or paypal or whatever but this option gives you the option to input a coupon code to get a discount).
I'm not sure what I get out of it, I've only just done it.

You get 30% off straight away by using my coupon code.

Another tip is that for me in the UK it asks for a VAT number otherwise it'll add on sales tax! but if you do input a sales tax number then you don't get charged that.
Sales tax numbers can be found on receipts or on company websites etc.

Not sure if its ok for me to tell you that but hey....

Basic4android is really easy to get to use and it has a great community ready to help you out, just like this one!




If you have input another companies Vat number in order to attempt to pay exclusive of Vat then you are commiting Vat fraud!



Can you prove it? ;-)

It works by the way, stick a VAT number in there and that charge goes right away.

I, of course, used my bonefide company VAT number but just to test I tried Tesco's VAT number, available online and it removes the charge before you get to the bit where you input your credit card details.

I mean, seriously, if you can get out of paying sales tax to some other country so easily then who's not going to do that?

In that other country its not even called VAT, for example in Scandinavia its called MOMS. Don't know what its called in other countries.

The rule is that anyone purchasing software online in Europe is supposed to also pay this sales tax but the authorities have no way to enforce this recent ruling and the only thing they can do is put the onus on the one collecting the money, all he does is to ensure that there is a field into which the purchaser can type a tax number, then if they do he doesn't have to charge them the sales tax and he's covered.

When I had my international card payment system running all I did was put a checkbox 'Are you in Europe?' if they ticked it then I had to pay the VAT man his share for that particular purchase, I was covered as far as the VAT man was concerned and I took the loss so that my customers weren't confused by different payment amounts.

I have a sneaky suspicion that others using this system would re-calculate the price and that when people ticked that box and saw the price go up, they unticked it again :)

I don't think they would send the A-team out to another country to get anyone who didn't tick this box and I don't think they'll do it for anyone who puts in the wrong number either.

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