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I've done some searching and had no luck.

I've used the Ethernet shield before successfully, but I'm looking to scrape an HTML page requested with POST data. Just a few simple variables, nothing that will stress the Arduino, and the reply is only a few lines of barely marked up text.

That said, it sounds like the Ethernet library can do a POST request (or if not, the HTTP Client Library seems to)

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a good tutorial from anyone who has put together such code. Can anyone point me in the correct direction?


The Ethernet library knows nothing about HTTP but the HTTP Client Library you linked to does. Within the library folder you find an example folder containing the  PachubePush example. Although there the PUT method is used, the POST method is used almost identically, it just uses postURI instead of putURI.


If you already have working client POST code, then the below textfinder code might get the desired info from the returned stream. Not knowing what is returned somewhat limits suggestions.

Google forum search: Use Google Search box in upper right side of this page.
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