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I used my Arduino UNO succesfully with my Mac untill now.

I was using a breakout board with a lot of cables and alligator/crocodile clips here and there.
Then my arduino suddenly shut down, and a second later even my Mac shut down.

After a reboot I was unable to upload to my Arduino and
a press on the reset button doesn't make the LED on pin 13 blink.
So that probably means the bootloader isn't on there anymore?

I think one of the alligator clips touched the ICSP and accidentally put 12V on there.
The arduino does not get hot or etc, it just doesn't upload anymore.

Do I have to worry about a dead or braindead Arduino?
The diy bootloader upload doesn't seem to easy, or is there still a chance that I'm able to
repair this Arduino by uploading a "new" bootloader?



You'll need to start with the loopback test to see if the USB to Serial chip is still functional.

Chalk this up to a lesson in not making any connection changes while there is powered.
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