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So I just destroyed my Macbook Pro by unintentionally putting 15 V through my Arduino analog port. While I know that one shouldn't change wiring while powered, this was still a bit of a surprise (not to mention a huge bummer!). I now understand a bunch of rules for avoiding this, but I'd like to be doubly safe in the future to avoid frying another laptop. Is anyone aware of a failsafe way to protect one's USB ports? I've tried looking for something like a surge protector for a USB port without any luck.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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few way might save u macbook, I hope;-

1. resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) ( search apple support forum)
2. resetting the NVRAM ( search apple support forum)

if above failed, use Multimeter measure resistance of USB port.

Standard USB port:

Apple IPad/Iphone USB port:

if short, most case TVS diode burned. remove it  from mother board, machine will be fixed, but no more protection. U need to be handy man.

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