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I just bought myself all components I need to make a circuit I was planning to do, but I bumped against a problem. Some components have bigger legs than the holes on perfboard are wide (diodes), and some components have flat wide legs that also don't fit onto perfboard (FETs). Is there any way past a problem like this or am I doomed on buying perfboard with bigger holes? Problem is, I only found these at the biggest supplier in my country :\

Thank you!


I usually drill out the holes I need bigger with a dremel tool and a small drill bit.



Yes a drill. Normally the holes are 0.8mm you need to drill them out to 1mm.


If its stripboard drill from the copper side to avoid lifting tracks!
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...and some components have flat wide legs that also don't fit onto perfboard (FETs).

I ran into the flat/wide issue with a MOSFET and all you have to do is rotate it 90 deg and splay the legs out a bit - it goes right in.  :)


How many legs? If the legs are square you can sometimes fit them by squeezing the legs with pliers.

Otherwise drill. Hand drilling (just a drill bit + fingers) is far easier/safer for the PCB.
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I agree with what these guys about drilling it out. I however don't use a drill bit. I use a sewing needle. It's more swaging the hole open larger instead of actually removing material. That seems to be the more safe course of action.


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Thank you for answers!

It looks like this: http://shrani.si/f/1c/8E/3TUVngPE/dscn1296.jpg

Ok obviously I will need to buy new drill bit for this, even if I try hand drilling, but may I use my existing drill or do I have to buy a new special one?
Ill first try with a sewing needle as CoolJ suggested.

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